Activities While in Nicaragua

When you first arrive, you’d probably want to relax, watch the sunset, and sip our hotel’s signature rum and mandarin drink.

For general lazing, consider the following do-nothing activities: dine behind the balustrade. Watch the Pacific Ocean tumble on the beach. Swim. Read in one of the couches surrounded by sculptures. Check out the fish market outside. Stroll down the beach towards La Boquita.

At night, soft ambient light illuminates a starry ceiling twenty feet above, while drooping chandeliers set the relaxed mood in the great room. Drink in the bar next to the stained glass window. Converse. Read. Or get lost in the colorful imagery created by who’s who in Nicaragua’s contemporary art world and their themes of Nica men, women, and children, daily life, flora, crops, wildlife, scenery of villages, lakes, and volcanoes.

Local activities

We’re always happy to arrange the following for our guests:

  • casares_boat_rowA fishing excursion with the local fishermen.
  • Surfing the beach breaks at neighboring La Boquita.
  • Horseback riding on the beach or in the hilly country a few miles inland.
  • Visiting the waterfalls at La Maquina, an eco tourist center.
  • Visiting Diriamba, the regional capital of Carazo. It has a beautiful church and a museum that showcases the flora and fauna of Nicaragua’s dry-tropical region.

For those who would like to go farther away, considering the following excursions:

  • A visit to the award-winning Esteli Cigar factory. Let us know if you have an interest in catching the town’s esteemed soccer team at one of their home games and we’ll check the team’s schedule.
  • Visit Masaya, the epicenter of Nicaraguan handicrafts. Each surrounding village specializes in a different craft and our guides will show you who makes the best hammocks, patio furniture, pottery, and much more.